What did I do with the last nine months?!

As I start university and go back to a more structured life, I have been reflecting on what I have achieved over the last nine months.  On the face of it, my brain often dismisses this time as ‘wasted’ and I find a voice in my head berating myself for not spending it more wisely.
Sure, there is more I could have done!   I never did get to walk every day, loose weight or do yoga / pilates daily 🙁
And I still have a huge pile of books to read 🙁

  • But I did establish myself as a street and mindful photographer (having never owned a decent camera before)
  • I launched two websites showcasing my work (reflecting-gosport and peppermintsea)
  • I kept up with this blog, which is where I really see my progress
  • I nurtured my creative urges until they became artistic practice, with me painting, drawing and photographing daily.
  • I started as an out of work business analyst and now I am an artist
  • I have exhibited three times and sold some work
  • I have learned to use several new media, including acrylics which I love painting with my figures!
  • I have participated in Free Art Friday for several months now and find it an enriching experience
  • I remodeled our garden, established a veggie patch and grew much of our veg this summer
  • I have learnt the value of seeing as much art as possible and trying to emulate what you love and take it further
  • I have entered several open calls (result still unknown)
  • I’ve explored my synaesthesia and how it affects my art
  • I have learned a lot about social media and what to pay attention to and what to ignore
  • I have produced a book of some of my darker photography combined with my poetry entitled “The Art of Loneliness”
  • I have started taking life drawing classes – to help me abstract the human body for a series I am doing
  • I have received unending support from friends and family
  • I learnt how to practice mindfulness and incorporate a deeper understanding of my psyche into my life
  • I have unraveled mentally from the stressed person I was in January, to a much happier, chilled out person now.

And because of all of the above I have started a Masters in Fine Art, something I never could have anticipated in January – so reading this list I can see that the last nine months were in fact extremely fruitful and extraordinarily well spent.

2 thoughts on “What did I do with the last nine months?!”

  1. I think you have done so much, which is awesome. Your post reminds me that even though I am a graduate student, and life after school seems daunting a life can be made with art, especially if its something you love!

    1. Thank you! I wrote the list to remind myself how much I had done and was surprised how long it was 🙂 I love what I am doing now and am very excited about what the future brings!

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