The excitement of seeing that little red dot!

I haven’t had time to blog for a while but I have been really busy with my artistic life and I have some exciting things planned.
Last weekend I exhibited at a local art exhibition together with my husband and father and to make it even more interesting we were all entering in the same category!   Perhaps luckily for the family, none of us won any of the prizes but we did all sell some work so it was very exciting.
I didn’t get to visit the exhibition until Sunday, and it was incredibly exciting to walk around the corner and see that little red dot on my picture!  I felt I had really arrived.  Especially, as it was a piece of digital art that sold.  I am very proud to have sold a digital piece done on my Samsung tablet.   Many years ago I visited London to see the exhibition of David Hockney’s digital work and it really inspired me to see that art can be done on any medium.
I love doing art on my tablet, and this week I discovered a great new app from Corel, which is a good development in the serious art market – I like the immediacy of having nothing between my idea and getting it ‘on paper’ –  no mess or complicated equipment, just your finger and tablet, and you can create some incredible effects.
I was just getting over the thrill of knowing that I was a proper artist when I visited an open day at our local university to see about doing a postgraduate Fine Art course.  I was so incredibly thrilled to visit the art college and see everything that I have decided to apply to do the course next year.   It is a huge step for me, for starters I will have to pay for it and support myself for a year which will cost about £15,000 – not an insignificant investment in my artistic life!    And at 52, it is a huge step to put my career on hold to indulge myself in doing my art for a year full time.   BUT, the excitement I feel at the thought of spending this time, on myself, is incredible, and I have decided to go with it and do this, just for me.
So yesterday, I applied, fingers crossed to see if I get accepted, I’ll let you know!
More soon!