Project Me

I’m a project manager by trade, and I realised tonight that I am embarking on a big new exciting project – project me.   My kids have left home and don’t rely on me as they once did, I have a husband for support, after ten years of a good job, I am lucky enough to have some money in the bank.
I do not have to rush into anything.    I am still getting my head around this concept!
On Friday, it was my third day at home.  The first two I deliberately did not plan anything (which was weird but very enjoyable) but on Friday, we had friends coming round and so I couldn’t spend the day relaxing.   My first plan was to rush around all day.  I made a list:

  1. Do the cleaning
  2. Go to the supermarket
  3. On the way there, go to the dump with the rubbish
  4. On the way back, go to the garden centre for that stuff I need
  5. On the way back from there, pop into the timber merchant for that bit of wood…

I suddenly realised that this was the old me.  The rushing around like a headless chicken me.  I could easily have accomplished all that in a couple of hours (plus cleaning time) but why?  Why when I have the weekend and next week?
So I cut the list, just the cleaning and the supermarket.
And I had such a lovely day!   To take time to do the cleaning was a joy – I don’t think I have ever enjoyed cleaning like that.   And I shopped and then cooked in a mindful and relaxed way – by the time my husband came home from work I was in the bath, reading and totally relaxed.
We had such a lovely evening with our friends, I hadn’t had the usual stress, coming in after a days work, having to shop and cook before 7…..
I am beginning to enjoy “Project Me”!

Studland Beach, Dorset. This represents my new exciting life, with so many possibilities – a blank canvas! What a joy!