Watercolour paintings

Days of Despair

Creative watercolour

My mainly abstract creative watercolour paintings have developed in style over the last few years.   I use a technique I learned from a tutor trained in the US and I don’t know many other artists in the UK who adopt this unusual way of painting in watercolour. 

Using a wide, almost dry bristle brush, the paint is applied thickly to the paper.   This is an unusual way of handling watercolours but allows for subtle blending and mixing and a variety of styles; looser or more solid shapes, with crisp edges.   

“Challenge the traditional, be brave! – this is my passion” Vera Bobson. 

There are no rules

Using a variety of masking tapes, plus wax and oil pastels to give the effect I am looking for, I will select the best technique to express the feeling I have in mind.  I leave white paper and rework paintings, even days after they were painted.   

If you want to know more about this technique you can come to my talk on 4th September at St Mary’s Parish Centre, Alverstoke, Gosport at 7.30pm for the Peninsular Artists ArtsTalk series. 

Producing abstract creative watercolour paintings allows me to express the feelings I want to convey. 

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Exhibiting for Hampshire Open Studios – August 2019:

My latest series – Exhibiting for Peninsular Artists Group Show in September 2019:

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