One a day photo challenge – Day Two

I am starting to understand the genius of this idea.   I was working in the garden this lunchtime and saw several things I wanted to photograph – but when you are limited to ONE picture a day, it gets tricky.   The old me would probably have spent a happy half hour snapping about 20 pictures and then come inside to process them and see what I had.    The new me has to decide beforehand what the hell to do!
Would it be the wonderful yellow daffodils against the newly painted green fence?
Or the shadows of the washing on the grass?
I was particularly struck by the pegs against the blue sky – I loved the colours, so sunny and optimistic and since it is the first time I have been able to hang the washing outside this year, I opted for that one.
First decision taken!  Then I had to carefully think about focus, angles, composition – all in my head before I clicked!
In the full sun it was hard to see if what I got was even in focus so I nervously came indoors to upload the picture to my PC – and I have to say I am very pleased with the result!
This challenge is totally changing my approach to photography, taking me out of my comfort zone and truly making me mindful of what I am doing and that is a good thing.
Thanks to Lee for the idea 🙂