My next exhibition – 72 polaroids arrived today….

I am knee deep at the moment planning my MA Fine Art exhibition in August.   There is a lot to do.
But a few things are starting to happen – I got 72 polaroids printed today which go towards my liminal space series (see featured image).    I am very excited about having such a big part of the exhibition nearly done already.   I have a great deal more to accomplish but this represents about 20% of the final piece so sizeable!
When I was laying these out on the table just now, I realised how much my previous exhibition – Footsteps to the Square (which we took down today after five months) has influenced my current work.

The final picture comes off the wall – several hours to put up and only 20 minutes to take down!

Firstly, these 72 pictures will be arranged in a particular shape, that is very meaningful to my project (no clues!).  I learnt when doing Footsteps that there is a world of difference between having 18 pictures in a row and 18 pictures arranged in a path that mimics the real world.  Arranging the pictures in that way gave a narrative to the series that brought it all together.
Footsteps was laid out as if it were stepping stones along two paths….

Secondly, these are tiny pictures – others in the exhibition will be large, but the viewer is going to have to lean in and really look at these to see what they depict.   I like the idea of someone having to work a bit at what the content of the picture is.     I watched visitors looking at Footsteps and I enjoyed seeing them step back to admire some pictures and move forward to inspect others.
But most of all I have learnt to trust my creative instincts.   I think I have a fairly good nose for what I want to achieve – how I am going to realise my ideas is another matter!

In praise of 3M Command Strips

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that the above exhibition would not have been possible in it’s current form without the existence of Command Hanging Strips.  If you have not seen these before, they are on the corner of every DIY store aisle and well worth investigating.   Each one of my pictures was printed on Dibond (aluminium composite) and I did not want to have to hang or frame them.   But with 4 strips on the back of each one, they stayed securely attached to the wall, in a public room for five months!   I honestly doubted that they would last that long and always carried a replacement set in my handbag whenever I was in Portsmouth so that I could make repairs if necessary.  I needn’t have worried!
And although it did take us a couple of hours to hang the 18 pictures, it only took us 15 minutes to take them off, take the strips off and walk away.  Nothing to repair, the wall was as a good as new.
My future work will definitely involve both Dibond and Command strips.