On the threshold

MAFine Art – Finally getting my ideas in order – liminal spaces

I have been rather stressed over the last few weeks, the combo of my uni work, prepping the exhibition and getting a chest infection has resulted in me not doing as much as I’d like.
I managed to keep some of it going but my final project was falling miserably behind.  It all came to a head on Saturday when I realised that what I had been planning to do was not going to work at all.   It was too personal, too hard to do without causing me pain and I knew I had to give up the idea.
But that left me right back at the beginning, with a proposal that needs to be handed in in a couple of months!
My tutor had mentioned the concept of liminal spaces (or liminality) – those places on the edge, no-mans-land, neither here nor there and I started to research more.   I love this concept, although it is now a wide definition, there are several areas where I could explore further that are very ‘me’.
Depending on the definition you chose, a liminal space is on the threshold of perception, a place of transition (bridges, alleyways, airports, ferries…) a time of change in a life – coming of age, death.   It can be a dangerous time, looking into the abyss – the space between sanity and insanity.   It can apply to places, individuals, groups (eg immigrants) and whole societies.
I have a lot to think about, but this is absolutely the way I want to go.   I love the concept of being on the edge.

Liminal: Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold
A liminal space: the place of transition, waiting, and not knowing

Chasing references

I have become a bit manic at chasing the original source of a reference.  I am acutely aware that just because some guy on a blog said that Picasso said something does not mean that he did.  (I have chased sources before and found complicated stories of misquotes and miss-attribution).    Just spent ages trying to find a quote from Picasso on subversion – finally nailed it, I get a little spike of satisfaction from that.  Gotcha!

Header photograph

From now on I intend to make my header pictures liminal in some way.    This one is called “On the threshold…”