MA Fine Art – liminal project underway

After weeks of stress – the exhibition and the steep learning curve of a totally new subject area for me, combined with illness it is fabulous to report that things have settled down somewhat!
The exhibition is done, I feel fit and healthy and I also feel I have broken the back of my two uni projects this term.

Gosport Ferry Liminal Space

As part of my research on liminality, I want to use Gosport Ferry in some way.  It has always been important to me and when I realised it was a liminal space (much like a bridge) I was delighted and determined to include it in my art work.   The ferry is a threshold to the other side, no mans land in the harbour.  Plus for many commuters it is also temporally liminal – they use it entirely to get to the other side, they daydream their way over.    I don’t know what I will do art-wise with this but I decided this week to start taking one picture everytime I cross.   These will usually be on my Samsung phone since I don’t carry my Canon with me every day.   I will assemble these in a Flickr album and see what happens!

Liminal Space - Gosport Ferry
Gosport Ferry – Liminality – click for album


I really enjoyed the talks this week by each of the tutors about their particular passions and past projects. It was inspirational to see the wide variety of areas where art and creativity is applied – I found each one very interesting.
I had not really heard of ‘zines’ before – and it surprised me to see that by Jackie’s definition my book of photography and poetry is an artzine!     And I love the instructions on how to make a foldyzine.
The mediate project was fascinating – and seemed to be so valuable, such a shame that none were made.
1001 Haphazard colours got me thinking about how we all perceive colours differently, we can never know how someone else sees your favorite red.   And colours are so emotional, and these videos record why people love certain colours – we all have such personal reasons for liking (or disliking I guess) a colour.     Colour is very important to me, I tend to chose them instinctively when I am painting, I will just know that an area of a painting has to be a certain hue.   Also recently I did this picture which I blogged about, it’s actually a rough for a bigger version, but I was thinking about what colour love felt to me – I concluded that being loved felt orangey yellow, and loving felt purple… and I did this:

What colour is your love?
What colour is your love?   We are complimentary….

There’s more about this on my post about synaethesia and what colour is that feeling?

Featured picture

This weeks picture is an alleyway that runs from behind our house to the sea – definitely liminal and covered with yellow leaves.