Lack of sleep taking it's toll and the fun of research…. week 4 :)

All this unaccustomed hard work has taken it’s toll and I have a cold and a cough.  I wouldn’t mind if I could get a decent nights sleep, being up half the night just perpetuates things!
It all means that I haven’t got half as much done over the last week that I planned, but nothing I can’t catch up with.

General Art

On Saturday I delivered my five zen pieces to the Live Art Local ‘Surveillance’ exhibition at Cafe Ethos in Fareham.  I think they will look good on the wall there.
I’ve also been meeting with the curators of the solo exhibition I’ll be putting on in November at Portsmouth Guildhall.  Lots to do but great excitement as well!   I spent two mornings this week taking more pictures as although I will only be exhibiting 18, the curators want to see 30+ in order to take the decision on the final ones.   As before I have been using the mindful techniques to clear my mind and tune into the world around me.   It was this aspect of my work that particularly interested the judges and features heavily in the write up of the exhibition.
I have been missing my paints and today have been doing some watercolour doodles, trying new techniques and having a bit of fun.  I have a wedding anniversary card to make soon and plan to do something around these ideas.
Finally the life drawing wasn’t such a success this week, the room was stiflingly hot and I couldn’t concentrate, combined with being mentally and physically exhausted, my drawings were not too successful.
The featured image today is one I took in Portsmouth this week – loved the reds and the shadows of people passing me.

Subversion and creativity research

I have been having a lot of fun researching this area this week.    Where else could you start reading about Picasso, move onto his Guernica piece and end up reading a fascinating blog about the politics of cloth and the remaking of Picasso’s Guernica – by activists in the south of England?    And that led me to read about author Rozsika Parker, who I had not heard about before, she wrote some interesting books and I already have two on my list to check out when I go to the library tomorrow.
I’ve been thinking about creativity – what is it?  Are we born with it or do we learn it?   Does being creative make you a genius?   And what does all this have to do with subversion?!     After an enjoyable couple of hours I ended up reading about human evolution.   I have covered a lot of ground today!
After a shaky start, I have got into the habit of recording all my sources correctly so that I can reference them when the time comes.   I am using MS OneNote which I really like, it syncs between my PC/laptop/tablet and phone so I will always have my notes with me.    Also Charlotte on the MA recommended a neat little app for my phone called RefMe – it’s superb and makes recording everything relevant about a source a doddle (available for Android and Apple devices).
I also watched this TED talk on the life cycle of creative movements which was very interesting, especially the bit about it all breaking down once you introduce too much bureaucracy……

My proposal

I haven’t had time for much this week,  but exploration into the psyche has led me to the dark side!  Jung’s shadow side to be exact.  I have been reading about the shadow.
My photography at least is usually about shadow or reflection and it is a topic that fascinates me.   I read a beautiful little book this week that had nothing to do with art per se, more to do with Japanese aesthetics – In praise of shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki.     The author has a beautiful lyrical way of writing and even two pages about the joys of using a traditional Japanese toilet sounded romantic!
I will close with this lovely thought:

“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.”  Junichiro Tanizaki