It's all about attention to detail…

I have been quiet on my blog recently, mainly because I am working hard towards a large exhibition in October but also because I also have a day job to pay the bills!
Each art project I do teaches me so much and I learn and grow a great deal.  This growth is hard, frustrating and painful but it is so important to be open to change and learning new things.   I emerge from each experience a different artist to the one who started.
One of my hardest lessons has been having an attention to detail – in being very very strict about what artwork is good enough.  This is also required for the organisation of an exhibition and workshops – but since that is my day job, I find that easier! Interestingly, my work is about attention to detail and contemplative photography as well.
I am organising an exhibition which is largely photographs.   However I am keen to add my own slant to an often photographed subject (Portsmouth Cathedral) and I have had to work hard to produce the type of work that I feel is saying what I want to say about the wonderful building and space within.   I have taken 100’s of shots (and will be there again tomorrow, taking more).

The choir practice on a stormy sunday evening

This has not been easy,  I have had to be very critical of my work and reject 99/100 of the pictures I have taken.     This week I realised that my camera equipment was holding me back, I had an entry level camera which has served me well, but recently I realised that some of my frustration was in fact limitations of my camera, I’d outgrown it.   So now I am the proud owner of a Fujifilm XPro1 – not a new camera by any means but a huge step up and it has given me the ability to take pictures that are a new level in quality and ones I am very excited to show in October.
But then there is the other side of an exhibition – I find that producing a body of artwork to show is mostly about organisation and very little about art!  This is also frustrating as really I would just like to be painting and producing all day, but there is marketing do do, websites to design, presentations to write and a lot of things to buy in order for my exhibition to kick off successfully on October 16th.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress!
More beautiful detail from Portsmouth Cathedral

Finding Peace will open at Portsmouth Cathedral on October 16th 2017 and include two free workshops to practice contemplative photography.   More details soon!

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