Hmmm Harbour Master or Fort Manager? – I'm going to be an Explorer!

Well, my first full week of being not-at-work has passed.  It was strange still, even after practicing 3 days a week in January, I am not used to it.  The concept that I can do what I want is rather alien!    Of course, that’s do what I want without really spending any money, but the best things in life are free so they say.   So far, since the beginning of February, I have spent £1.95 on a cup of coffee (and very nice it was too) and £2.45 on a valentines card for my husband.     So I am pretty pleased with that and at this rate, I’ll be saving.   (I should say that I also pay into our joint account to cover all household expenses – if I am careful I should be able to live for a year on my redundancy money).
Speaking of which, it took my old firm 10 days to actually cough up the redundancy cheque but it arrived on Saturday and is safely in my bank – I felt better once I had it cashed!
I discovered our local library on Friday – what a wonderful place,   I have already signed up as a volunteer to help out there.  I came home  with lots of books (mainly about leaving the rat race and down sizing!) – the last few years I have been a keen Amazon customer – I buy a lot of books – but I have vowed to visit the library instead whilst I am on my hiatus.

Getting creative

So, I am trying to get all those jobs done that build up  and never get finished – sorting out, clearing out, etc.  I have made a website for a friend who is getting married and I am doing lots of photography.   The picture above is of the trees at the top of the road, just on the harbour, it’s a beautiful spot.    My mindful photography course is going well and I am really learning from it, my style has changed already – I am becoming more thoughtful and exploratory.   On Saturday I spent time doing an assignment and when I came home and looked at them, I became very emotional, I am not ashamed to say that I cried when I saw what I had taken.   All my life I have loved art, especially photography – my Dad is a photographer, my husband is a photographer, but it took until I was 51 before I bought a decent camera and tried for myself.   The results astound me, and move me.  That I could be making art that I love is an incredible thing – who knows what is round the corner!!

Job hunting

I have not been job hunting yet, I need to recharge my batteries first and work out what I want to do, but I have been keeping an eye on job adverts just so I know what’s out there.  So far, the only jobs that have really made my heart sing are “Harbour Master” and “Fort Manager” (on the South coast of the UK here we have old forts out at sea that are now converted into Hotels)… Neither job am I remotely qualified for, and they are a world away from business analysis which is what I was doing, but I think it shows that I am feeling more playful and am ready for new things.
So for the meantime,  I am listing my job as “Explorer” – because that’s exactly what I am doing!