Goodbye Gosport Queen!

I am genuinely sad to see Gosport Queen go although obviously pleased she’s getting a new life on the Thames, she was always my favorite and I would love it when she stepped in for one of the newer ferries from time to time.   I have travelled on her most of my life, we are almost the same age, and I love the quirky design and of course all the wood.   Below a little tribute to Gosport Queen with some pictures I’ve taken recently.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Gosport Queen!”

  1. Loved the ‘Gosport Queen’ and her twin sister ‘Portsmouth Queen’, have grown up with them.My grandad was Captain of the old coal fueled Gosport Ferries. When I was growing up the fleet was 6 ferries then! That would have been from 1966-1974. The fleet was ‘Gosport Queen’, ‘Portsmouth Queen’, ‘Solent Enterprise’, ‘Vita’, ‘Vesta’ and ‘Ferry Queen’, the last three ferries in that list were diesel powered, but same design as the coal burners, they stayed till 1974, running Harbour grips and stand by duties. The orange rafts in your photo of ‘Gosport Queens’ top deck, they aren’t as old as her. The original rafts were heavy Brown wooden rafts. The railing on the bow on the port side where the crew stood to throw the rope was added, ‘Gosport Queen’ and her twin weren’t built with that railing, it was added later, as were the chains running along the gates. I see in another photo the view of the aft deck , taken from the top deck. One of the ballast tanks in the photo. They were added to improve ‘Gosport Queen’ and ‘Portsmouth Queens’ aft prop. performance, giving their aft prop a much deeper thrust. I remember the radio telephone mast added to the top of the mast of the ‘Queens’ in the early 70’s, the radio telephone mast was fitted slightly lower down on ‘Gosport Queen’, than on ‘Portsmouth Queen’. I use to love winter time because the 3rd. Gosport (cruise) Ferry ‘Solent Enterprise’, stood in for each ‘Queen’ as they went into refit, ‘Solent Enterprise’ usually only used at peak times. Truly an end of an era, between them ‘Gosport Queen’ and ‘Portsmouth Queen’ did 101 years in service! On her last day ‘Gosport Queen’ didn’t leave quietly, as she left the pontoon, she gave it quite a bump! Ferry crews use to say I knew more about the ‘Queens’ and the ‘Enterprise’ than they did! even the smallest changes! Lovely ferries the Queens’ were ageless, looked as good as the day the were first built. Not many passenges ever realised I don’t think how much love and attention also care went into the refits of the ‘Queens’. ‘The Enterprise’ was sold to Remark renamed ‘Sundance’ and is a static, floating card, ‘Portsmouth Queen’ is painted mainly white, renamed ‘London Queen’ and whole new fixture and fittings etc, even the bridge has been lowere some 5 feet. ‘Gosport Queen’ though going to be like her twin (a London Cruise Ferry), she won’t be under the same company. When ‘Gosport Queen’ left the harbour behind her, for that very last time, she left a left so many memories behind. As you say ‘Goodbye Gosport Queen’.

  2. Sorry for errors ‘Solent Enterprise’ became ‘Sundance’ in Denmark, not Remake!! and became a floating cafe, not a floating card!!! Sorry, you type the correct word and computer decides to change the word, into the completely, different, wrong word!!

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