Free art friday – today changed my creative world :-)

Today, I had a wonderful opportunity, the artist “My Dog Sighs” ( was giving a workshop a couple of miles from here – it reminded me about the key to nourishing your creativity.  You have to keep talking to artists, seeing their work, hearing how they work, why they work and also get to try doing their art for yourself.   Yes, copy their work, copy copy copy until you metamorphose it into something of yours.
The workshop was part of a wider piece of work by another artist, Jon Adams, called Democracy Street, and our task was to create a piece of work and then release it into the community as part of Free Art Friday.     I was thrilled when I found out that we were going to be mimicking the My Dog Sighs “Everyman” character – because I have long admired it and wanted to know how he made them (I had already tried to copy it with rubbish results!)

My version of the My Dog Sighs Everyman character.
My version of the My Dog Sighs Everyman character.

I made three pieces of art – done with my fingers (hence my picture of the day above – I wish it wouldn’t wash off I am so proud of looking like a proper artist!) – I am surprised that I have never done painting with my hands before, I use other implements such as credit cards but I have never used my fingers.
Two pieces have been released into the wild, hopefully to be discovered by someone – as I said, the theme was democracy, and the road was named after a notable suffragette so that is why I added this particular message.
I love that this woman stopped by my picture without noticing it! #freeartfriday
I love that this woman stopped by my picture without noticing it! #freeartfriday

Doing a piece of art that feels personal and then leaving it in the community for someone else to discover (and hopefully enjoy) was completely thrilling – I can see it would be quite addictive – just knowing it’s out there is a good feeling!
The last piece I did for my husband with a line from the song we had at our wedding (“Will you walk with me?”)
Mine is at the bottom of the picture below, with the real artists art work above!.  I am glad to say that my husband loved my gift.
2015-03-12 14.59.53I cannot adequately articulate how much today meant to me.  There are days when creativity is a hard slog and other days when you get a kick up the butt so big it sends you to a whole new level.  I feel inspired and excited and also very sure I have started on a new avenue for my art.  Obviously I am not going to copy the Everyman character, but there are parts of it that are very “me” and so I will play, and refine it until I come up with something that is authentically mine.
And when I do, I will absolutely be joining in with Free Art Friday and spreading the love!
Today was a very good day!
*So… what happened to your challenge of only taking one picture a day you say?  Well, today I didn’t, I took lots of pictures, but they were not arty ones and were on my phone….. I’ll get back to the photographic challenge tomorrow.