Free Art Friday – a truly liberating experience

Last week was the first time I have participated in Free Art Friday (#freeartfriday)
I found it an exhilarating experience even though it wasn’t truly my art that I was distributing but a copy of My dog sighs work.    I was over the moon when I accidentally came across someone on Twitter who had found it and appreciated it!
I decided I would like to do it again but didn’t realise it would be so soon!
I have been playing with painting and ideas all week and today was the solar eclipse AND International day of Happiness and I had two ideas of stuff I could do today.   I found the free art friday project was empowering – I can do something just for the fun of it, without worrying about it having a value (ie what someone would pay for it) – but on the other hand someone is going to see it and hopefully appreciate it, so you have an incentive to put some passion into it.   But essentially it is just fun.
2015-03-20 12.13.46-1
And I had lots of fun this morning, coming up with these two – I probably made a dozen copies and picked the best to release into the wild.     Again, leaving them for someone to find was exhilarating and it would be lovely to find out if they were found, but I know that probably I won’t ever know.
2015-03-20 11.37.35-2
And now, typically, I am having second thoughts, wondering if my work is good enough – wondering why I am pretending to be a proper artist!   Ah well, I guess it will take a lot longer for my artistic confidence to increase.  But I am really really enjoying the experiments.

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