First prototype digital piece – Being Present

Just shown a prototype of my digital art piece to some people who had very little background in what I was trying to achieve.

“It’s just like thoughts rushing through my head!”

Excellent!  Exactly what I was trying to convey.

“I liked the colours”

Not quite as profound but at least it’s aesthetically pleasing as well as thought provoking!
I am pleased that most people seem to ‘get it’ – our brains do not all work the same and with this art piece I am showing how my brain works, so I have to expect that other people will just say “Huh?” to it and that’s OK.
It is called “Being Present” and aims to show what mindfulness can do to calm the brain.  I am very excited about showing this in August.
It’s taken a great deal of work to get it this far – I can only claim the artistic inspiration, the hard work has been done by a lovely programmer, who has been very patient getting the lights to do what I want them to!
The next job is to make it interactive using motion sensors.  Watch this space for updates.
(The featured image above is a screenshot from a test video I took yesterday, it’s not easy to capture!)