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I have set up two online shops with products featuring my work from the Unravelled series. Below a selection of what’s available:

Ailsa Brims at Teemill

Teemill is a t-shirt printing business on the Isle of Wight, their clothes are 100% organic, recyclable and made in an eco powered factory on the island. The quality of the clothes are superb and I am very excited to have partnered with them to print my t-shirts and hoodies. I’ve been wearing some of these for a while now and I love them.

This is absolutely the pinnacle of eco-fashion and in my opinion can’t be beaten.

Go to the store immediately! >>

Ailsa Brims at Redbubble

I’ve sold products on Redbubble for quite a while, but I have recently revamped the shop and added some new lines. There is a huge range of products that you can buy with one of my artworks printed on it, and I have tested a few, they are very good quality and look FAB!

Get over to Redbubble to find out more >>

4 thoughts on “Online stores – buy art products”

  1. Loved it. Wonderful colours and shapes. Cheered me up in uncertain times. I will revisit when I have more minutes!

    1. Thanks Maggie, it was fun to do, although stressful this morning getting all the links working in the right places 🙂

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