Fine Art Masters – day one – the adventure begins!

Yesterday was my first day at Uni doing my Fine Art Masters degree.   There are six of us, all women, a nice balance of experience.  We are part of a larger group of Graphic Designers and Illustrators, who are all young enough to be my children!   It was odd sitting in a class with them, and wonderful to see the diversity and enthusiasm of them all, it was exciting.
So now it’s real, this is what I am doing with the next year of my life.  What an adventure!
There is a LOT of reading to do, but my daughter (a recent graduate) assures me I don’t have to read it all, which is good.  I am out of practice!
I do have to prepare a paper and presentation on a research question for December and that is what my blog will be about for the foreseeable future I guess.
The most notable shift in thinking that I am going to have to make is from the concrete to the unsure.   I am a scientist by training, there are facts and laws and rights and wrongs.   My previous exam experience has involved learning a lot of facts and reciting a lot of essays.    Yesterday the course leaders where stressing how art is about interpretation, the presentation I have to give is my opinion only.  I have to decide how I interpret the question I’ve been given.  There are no rights and wrongs, just arguments to carry the subject a long a little.
This is a big shift for me, but I think I like it!
This week will be about reading around the subject a little – I have to think about what subversion in art means to me……
I’m off to the library 🙂
[Loved these reflections on the kitchen worktop just now!]

2 thoughts on “Fine Art Masters – day one – the adventure begins!”

  1. Congratulations on your first day of your Master’s. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing your work in progress. Best wishes all the way to the finish. x

    1. Thank you! I am very excited about it all, I just came back from the library, I have never seen so many art books in one place, I wanted to stay much longer 🙂

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