Finding Peace

An exhibition of contemplative images taken at Portsmouth Cathedral in 2017

During 2017, I visited the Cathedral regularly with my camera in an attempt to capture the feel of the building. I quickly realised that my normal street style was not appropriate here and I have been developing other, more ethereal styles which better capture the wonderful space and light in the Cathedral.The Cathedral is both modern and historic. It is a religious building but also a vibrant public space where a wide range of activities take place. 

My work displayed at the Cathedral in October 2017 encompassed abstract and contemplative photography, plus “Liminal Man” my comment on how occupied we are on our phones we fail to live in the present and see the beauty around us. There was an opportunity to try “Being Present” an interactive electronic installation which showed the participant what it feels like to be still (both pieces were part of my ‘Liminal’ series).

Please click on an image below to see a larger version.