Endings and beginnings

Tomorrow is my last day at work – I’ve worked there for ten years and I loved it.   I will be leaving some good friends – obviously I will stay in touch with some of them, but others will turn out to be “work friends” and I probably won’t see them again.
I am very sad about this and I will be glad when tomorrow is over.
On the plus side, I started my mindful photography course at the weekend and am loving it.   No matter how good you are at a hobby (and I am fairly new at photography) it is always good discipline to be taken out of your comfort zone and to complete assignments where someone else has set the parameters.  I might never take pictures like some of these again, but I have learnt something from everyone.   And getting feedback from a group, and seeing their work is always rewarding.   It’s very exciting.
I can feel myself unwinding and relaxing.  It’s good.

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