Electronic Superhighway at Whitechapel Gallery

Yesterday we had a lovely sunny walk over to Whitechapel to go to the Electronic Superhighway exhibition.    I wanted to go just to see the works, but also because I’m planning my own electronic / digital piece for the MA Fine Art show I wondered if I would get any inspiration.
The exhibition was superb.    Such a range of electronic works going back 50 years – humans are so creative, as soon as computers and electronic devices came along, we found a way to be creative with them.    I enjoyed the early stuff particularly, partly because I remember the monitors and printouts but also just for the sheer creativity shown with a new medium.   The exhibits were bang up to date with thoughtful pieces about anonymity on Facebook for instance (Douglas Coupland).
One of my favorites was the painted concentric circles on canvas (Peter Sedgley Colour Cycle 1970) that are then lit by rotating colours, which makes the work look digital – but it was done 50 years ago!   It was quite mesmeric.
The HTML gallery amused me – as a web designer in the 90’s I loved the jokes played with the code here – only wish I’d thought of it 🙂
I found the exhibition fascinating, amusing, thought provoking and very inspirational.   We both came away with ideas for our work.  But more than that, the exhibition gave me confidence that my piece will fit right in to this genre.
Well worth a visit – it closes on May 15th so be quick!