Developing my fine art practice – week… 7 or is it 8?!

Work for my proposal

I have continued this week to delve into all sorts of interesting articles around the artists who appeal to me and the art I’d like to do.  I am still fairly novice at all this so it was interesting to see the review here of the John Hoyland exhibition in London.   I really like his work, but this reviewer obviously didn’t!      I must make a trip up to see it, there is also an interesting interview with Damien Hurst about it on his website.

John Hoyland - Blues, reds 1969
John Hoyland – Blues, reds 1969

This week I was really taken with the Anthony Gormley documentary on BBC1 this week – I’ve watched it twice already and fully intend to watch it again.  I have always loved his figures but I did not realise the depth and story behind them.   I have a wonderful photograph of his figure (“SoundII”) in the crypt at Winchester Cathedral in my house and it never fails to give a sense of peace and calm.       I remember his figures in London (“Event Horizon” 2007) and always enjoyed walking over Waterloo Bridge with them watching over me.  I gather some people found it sinister, but I felt they were benign watchers.
Anthony Gormley, Event Horizon, London 2007

I have continued to research liminal spaces – doors, bridges and the seashore and I am developing my ideas around using these as a metaphor for the liminal spaces in our mind – Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Now’.
As part of that I was researching the use of doors as metaphors in the BBC3 series Being Human as it is used throughout the series as the threshold to the next life (whatever that may be).
This scene from the first series is incredibly emotional as Annie finds her door, but doesn’t want to leave her friends, and it then dissolves into comedy 🙂

Creativity and subversion research

We were discussing creativity and what it is in our tutorials this week and I went on to do some more delving.    I read an interesting article by Svetlana Nikitina about Hackers as Tricksters in the digital age – creativity in Hacker Culture – although on the face of it hacking is clearly subversive, she goes deeper and quotes a definition of creativity as:

“A creative act is one that generates novel products of value” (Robert Wiesberg)

And then goes on to argue that hackers do their hacking for it’s own sake, not to create anything and therefore it is not a truly creative act.
A second article I read that was very absorbing was about trying to define creativity, measure creativity and by understanding both of them, increase creativity.     It was fascinating to see the process we call creativity broken down into 37 elements, all of which are necessary – and to see that one of the most important is persistence.  Creative people are persistent, they keep on trying, and do not see failures, they reflect and work out how to do it better the next time.  If at first you don’t succeed….
Also practice increases creativity – so I better get on with some painting!

Featured Image

This weeks featured image is a triple whammy regarding liminal space – tide’s out, under a bridge at twilight! (Forton Bridge, Gosport) I was quite pleased with that one 🙂