Capturing my dreams – and recreating them

I’ve been off work for five months now and I fully feel that I have relaxed and tuned into ‘me’.   I am noticing how often I see pictures in my head.  Especially in my dreams.  I will often wake up and have a very distinct picture, fully formed, in my mind.   Mostly I forget them but if I get to my tablet quickly enough, I can get the picture down ‘on paper’.
This is happening more and more and I suppose that now I am not rushing around like a mad thing, and now that I have time to practice capturing these pictures, then I am getting better at it.     I am also, like anyone, prone to different moods and I am getting better at converting the mood into a picture.      There isn’t much merit in some pictures of course, but my workbook is filling up with little scribbles and some of them make it into bigger works.   It’s exciting.
The picture above is called “Dreams” and was a very clear picture in my head a couple of mornings ago.  I have no idea what it means but I love the colours!
I also found out today that I was a runner up in a local photographic street photography competition which I am very pleased about.  The standard is high, I have entered a couple of times before and not got anywhere, and the normal winners / runners up are mainly professionals.    So to be included among them is a huge boost.  Not bad for a woman who only bought her first proper camera in January!