Ageing beautifully

Two weeks ago I was given a lovely bunch of tulips and I have loved watching them age, and I realised today what a metaphor they are for growing older and seeing beauty where many might only see decay. At first the flowers were upright and prim and proper and within a couple of days …

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Blooming tulips

A little early for the garden yet, although I do have daffs now – I love these tulips – they start off so prim and proper and after a couple of days really let it all hang out!

Finding Peace – an exhibition of contemplative images

We live in a hectic world and sometimes it feels impossible to find any peace.   A photography exhibition at Portsmouth Cathedral aims to show how we can all find some peace in our minds. The work displayed at the Cathedral in October will encompass abstract and contemplative photography, plus an interactive electronic installation which shows …

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Jellyfish bloom in the lake

As we walked up to the yachting lake in Gosport I could see the surface of the water pulsating – on closer inspection it was thousands of saucer sized jellyfish – they were so delicate and beautiful, I have not seen that before. The above picture may have been digitally enhanced! 🙂

Fragmented – a series of similarities

This was the result of my last life drawing session with Chris Woods – an A1 collage of 17 life drawings of the same model – pastel on brown paper.   I’ve had a lot of fun loosening up my style over the term and I am looking forward to more after Easter!