Month: April 2017

The universe within….

A large part of my work this year is about encapsulating the universe within.   Close your eyes for a minute; within each of us is an endless space – there is nothing, there are no ‘things’ – there are no boundaries.  This space can be peaceful and full of potential – it is the universe …

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Jellyfish bloom in the lake

As we walked up to the yachting lake in Gosport I could see the surface of the water pulsating – on closer inspection it was thousands of saucer sized jellyfish – they were so delicate and beautiful, I have not seen that before. The above picture may have been digitally enhanced! 🙂

Fragmented – a series of similarities

This was the result of my last life drawing session with Chris Woods – an A1 collage of 17 life drawings of the same model – pastel on brown paper.   I’ve had a lot of fun loosening up my style over the term and I am looking forward to more after Easter!